Leonie aka Leo Stussy grew up in Vienna, her passion for music already started at the age of 6 listening to her dad's collection of jazz vinyls together with him. Leo's career took off in 2017 as she began to discover all the various musical genres to play behind the decks at private and business events. In addition to different venues in Vienna - such as Flex, Pratersauna and Sass - she has been booked to play at clubs and festivals in Germany, Hungary and Israel. Leo's sets are emotional and melodic - she connects to her audience on there level of mutual love and passion through music.



Toni is a talented newcomer standing behind the decks since January 2021. She moved to Vienna from Munich two years ago and fell in love with this beautiful city immediately. Music has played a big role in her life since she was a child and her passion for it has only increased over the last few years. In the summer of 2020, she connected with the Wiener Mischung Crew and got the opportunity to start her career as a DJ. Toni plays melodic & progressive house, techno, indie dance and nu disco.




Patrick aka Alphasheep only immersed in the world of DJing in 2017 yet his love for music goes back a long way. His feeling for building up moods and his passion behind the decks always take him and his audience on a very special journey. Musically, he spans the bow from cosy sunset melodies to the technoid highlight of the evening. His main priority is to always keep the groove of his sets danceable and stirring. With Wiener Mischung, he found his place in the most colourful and versatile DJ collective in Vienna. Through DJing and producing, he finds the energy to keep it positive under all circumstances - it's that very vibe that awaits you at each of his performances.

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Werner aka Constant.Change started DJing back in 2003 as part of the Rasselbande DnB Crew. After around 10 years of DJing, producing radio shows and generally being part of the scene, he moved to London and the whole “being active in music” thing slowly went to sleep. That was until 2017, where he reignited the whole DJing fire thanks to Wiener Mischung and Lautstark DJ Academy - this time digitally instead of spinning vinyls and with most musical style boundaries removed.


David Estre


David Estre ist the alias of an Austrian artist from Vienna. His selection consists of sounds on the deeper side of the musical spectrum with the intention to push the limits of club music genres like techno and electronica.

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Raised in Finland and studied in Berlin, Alex’ fascination with electronic dance music was lit up in the techno capital though he only started DJing in 2017 after moving to a rather small town of Bregenz in Vorarlberg, Western Austria, as there were only few opportunities to satisfy his craving for big city beats. A couple of years later having moved to Vienna he was lucky enough to hook up with the like-minded guys of the Wiener Mischung Crew with whom he now has the chance to share his journey and evolve as an artist performing at various venues in Vienna.

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Daniel aka Jobmann grew up in Hamburg and found his new home in Vienna in early 2021. Soon after he joined the Wiener Mischung Crew which became both his musical retreat and his occupation unleashing his creativity as a DJ as well as engaging in videography and graphic design providing the visual appearance of the Viennese crew with his unique Hanseatic touch.


Solomun, Oliver Schories and Adana Twins - Daniel’s early sources of inspiration - are being represented in his melodic techno and deep house sets recently complemented by artist such as Stephan Bodzin, Victor Ruiz and Ben Böhmer to name a few resulting in pulsating musical compositions.



Hannah is based in Vienna since 2020 though she grew up in beautiful Tullnerfeld in Lower Austria. Already at an early age she got in touch with music playing different instruments and singing in a choir.


Once introduced to Wiener Mischung and having quickly acquired the essential technique Hannah made her debut as a DJ in November 2021 skyrocketing to the stages of well-established Viennese clubs such as SASS, Pratersauna and O der Klub.


With her infectious charisma powered by her very own passion for music and her unique sound ranging from tech house, techno, hard techno and acid techno all the way up to psytrance Hannah will keep the spirits high and the party crowd grooving, that’s for sure.



Being a regular guest of the techno scene in Vienna and Munich, Stani himself started spinning the decks in early 2020. 


Energetic techno in different variations - that is what Stani stands for. From groovy beats over vigorous industrial sounds to acid trance, depending on the setting and atmosphere. From time to time you can also find him playing slower and deeper tunes from progressive house and melodic techno.

Julian Meinke


Vienna-based Techno conjurer Julian Meinke looks back on his early days as a DJ in London and has now firmly arrived in the scene as a producer with releases on heavy-hitter labels such as GAIN, Renesanz or Evolvement Recordings. His distinct style of dark, melodic and peak-time techno is as unique and eccentric as his live performances. Now a part of Vienna's finest DJ crew - Wiener Mischung, he is undoubtedly an artist to watch out for.